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EICR - What is it?
An EICR is explained most simply as an MOT for the electrical system within your home, it will involve a power loss for a few hours and a number of tests to ensure your wiring and accessories are safe for continued use, we undertake checks to ensure you have earth present and that your earth or Circuit protective conductor is in a safe condition, we check the cables within your walls that supply your sockets or light fittings for damage or poor original installation that could lead to wear on them, we will undertake some checks on your system whist live to ensure in the event of something going wrong the devices you have installed will work with the required efficiency to keep you and everyone within your home safe. if you’ve lived for years without any maintenance or recently moved in and want to have a quick health check before you invest in decoration which could potentially all be worthless with an electrical fault let us know, we have all the latest test equipment and are suitably qualified to undertake this work professionally and if required can have the certification with you same day!


Residential Electrical Systems

From full home automated smart home enabled rewires to swapping a hard to reach light bulb we cover all aspects of electrical work in the home.


We work with a number of local builders to undertake works for extensions in your home

Partial and Full rewires

Current electrical system in a terrible condition?

Dated style of wiring and position of fixtures?

Moving into a new home and want a fresh start?

Why not give us a call or email and speak to us about your requirements, from smart home compatible to simple sockets and switches we can install a system that suits your needs.

Cleanliness and your health

Dusty messy and stressful - Words regularly attributed to having an electrical works undertaken in your home, we strive to minimise these pressures.

Dusty - we have full dust extraction system minimising the impact of dust whilst chasing walls or undertaking work in your home, these are M class approved, the HSE recently published the following:

The HSE has published figures which state that around 8000 people each year in the UK alone lose their life due to cancer caused by inhaling hazardous dust particles. In addition, around 39,000 people each year suffer from respiratory health issues due to inhaling dust particles. Let’s put that first number into perspective: in the UK in 2015, 1732 people were killed in road traffic accidents. Therefore, you’re almost 5 times more likely to die from harmful dust inhalation at work than you are in a car crash.

we understand the dangers of dust around your home and try our hardest to minimise the impact on you and your family.

 M Class traps – ie. doesn’t allow back out into the air –99.9% of dust. In other words, it’s significantly more efficient at keeping harmful dust particles from entering back out into the air you breathe.

Messy and Stressful - We clean as we go and tidy at the end of every day, of course sometimes at work things get messy, we try hard to keep our workplaces tidy and tools and equipment out of your way, we understand that having significant works undertaken sometimes feels like you're surrendering your home to become a building site, we try hard and maintain a dialogue to ensure you're happy with how we work and aren't at risk of trips or falls with tools equipment and rubbish stored as neatly as possible, we also protect all surfaces we work around to minimise impact on your home.


From yearly landlord inspections, to complete office checks we do it all! 


Thermal Imaging Reports

The importance of thermal imaging reports is becoming clearer and clearer in recent years, a key component in a good preventative maintenance cycle, thermal imaging can let you know problems you have before they even exist.

Prices From £550+vat

Prices vary massively depending on the size of the installation or sample of the installation you require checked, we will undertake a free site survey for all enquiries prior to starting work.



From simple 2 camera systems with localised recoding to mass complex systems, viewable from anywhere in the world (subject to internet connection) we do it all.


Commercial works

Undertaking work for numerous restaurants, bars and retail outlets makes us vastly experienced undertaking works in commercial kitchens, retail shop floors and professional lighting set ups.